English Learning | Serious Game
2020 To Present.

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“True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth.”

Mahatma Gandhi

You can Learn while playing…

Begin & The End.

This is the first project that I was a part of, but not just as a programmer and developer. in other words I am not one of owners, I just work here and I was so excited to be working on a project with new people and indeed is a good project, at the time that I’m writing this we are 8th month in and planning to run a alpha test APK for Android devices in two month.

I’ve to say, I’m not sure when we will get the first release but I’m excited for that day, because there is so many cool mini-games that provides. needless to say this is serious game with educational purposes such as Duolingo or others. this is July 2020.


Broca is a game separated with three different levels like basic, intermediate, advanced. there is no age limit to play its mini-games or practice as task manager is set.

The intended audience of this game is primarily for both genders from the age range of 7 years old and above

Targeted Platforms
  • Android Platform
  • iOS Platform
  • Multiple 2D Serious Mini-Game
  • Speech Recognition
  • Exams
  • Educational Content
  • English

* There is no aggressive, dirty, or inappropriate language in this game. 

Team Members | Decamond Studio
  • Game Developer | SadeQ Soli
  • General Manager | Mohammad Ehsani
  • Product Manager | Amir Hekmat
  • UI/UX Designer | Siavash Ghanbari
  • Game Designer | Alireza Rahimi
  • Game Artist | Meysam Zeidi
  • Animator | Amin Narmisa
  • Applied Linguist | Fatemeh Ashoori
  • Content Developer | Zahra Zargarian
  • Backend Developer | Ali Jafari
Core Gameplay Mechanics

Core Gameplay Mechanic #1 – Animation

  • We Had so many different animations and some the core and important ones was facial expressions or hand gestures that couldn’t be handled by Unity, so we Animate them in Spine 2D and Imported afterward and then was used by Unity.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #2 – Single Learner
    • So, this is a serious game with educational purposes in three different levels and it has a mood of application if you will.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – Initial Setup
    • After you logged in, you should give permission to game to use Microphone in order to get Speech recognition to use in practices. so for instance you will see a map that can be zoomed and move around in and out. 1st thing you will notice is that there is different places like airport, restaurant, bank and so that when you tap on, you’ll get a dialog box with some buttons that is contained information about that plot and you will start from there.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Scoring System

  • Experience
    • Learn more, gain more. you can collect score by learning more and unlock more plot by doing so.
  • Currency
    • Coins are currency of the game which you can buy and use it to subscribe in game or others.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #5 –Status Trigger

  • Communication Triggers
    • When the player does something wrong, the game will communicate failure to the player by having a side character pop out from either one of the bottom two corners of the game screen. The side character will display visual and audio feedbacks to the player in terms of failure, either positive or negative ones depending on the state.

Scene Shots
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