Datual: VR Experience
Multi-Player | Interactive Story

Favorite Quote!

“They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger. And then it was over.”

Max Payne

Virtual Meeting Experience

Begin & The End.

I have to be honest, there was no beginning and end, we didn’t plan for building a serious game that pictures meeting experience in a sense that gives you the option of exploring more to your personality in a safe environment.

we were simply learning how to make a interactive story and within the test all of it became real and then we determine the deadline and admitted that this idea is worth getting noticed. we did end the game by end of April 2018, however we have not been able to publish it till to this day due to the laws and regularities.


Datual is a Multiplayer / VR Experience that is built with hope that enhance meeting and talking to people more interesting specially for those who has social anxiety or any mental health problem to be recognized or be deal with.

The intended audience of this game is primarily for both genders from the age range of 15 years old and above.

Targeted Platforms
  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Moving Camera
  • 3D Game
  • Virtual Realty | VR Tech.
  • Multiplayer
  • Persian

* There is no aggressive, dirty, or inappropriate language in this game. 

Team Members | Alma Studio
  • Game Developer | SadeQ Soli
  • Game Developer |  Masood Lavasani
  • Game Designer | Haleh Mansoori
  • Game Artist | Javad Salary
  • Market Researcher | Mehdi Chaloosi
  • Credit for Most Of the Arts | Unity Asset Store
  • Credit for Most Of the UI, UX | FreePik Website
  • Credit for Most Of Music | Darren Curtis Music
Core Gameplay Mechanics
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #1 – Camera
    • There will be 1st person camera. The camera move throughout the game as player moves his head or body responsively.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #2 – Multiplayer
    • In this game, the player controls the Character by using the VR glasses and by moving his/her head around. This game is meant for a multiplayer playing experience and we used photon plugins for the sake of simplicity and it was reliable for most parts.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – Movement
    • The player may choose to move the Character within the game. if the player does not move his/her head(VR glasses), it will remain still.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Initial Setup
    • So, the 1st thing you should do after login is to choose your character and it can be male or female at any age regardless of your real sex or age. after that you can go to waiting room and wait for another player to play the game and after that room and characters gonna initiated, and you can start to play.

  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #7 – Win or Lose
    • there is no real win or lose in this game like other games, so the ideal thing is that you can meet people and you both get out of game with good feeling by learning new things or meeting new people and shared a good experience.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #8 – Scoring System

  • Scores
    • there is no scoring system in this game.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #9 –Status Trigger

  • Communication Triggers
    • When the player does something wrong, the game will communicate failure to the player by having a side character pop out from either one of the bottom two corners of the game screen. The side character will display visual and audio feedbacks to the player in terms of failure, either positive or negative ones depending on the state.
  • Win / Game Over Screen Statistics
    • When the player wins / loses a level, they will be brought to a Win / Game Over screen. If the player wins in any level, they will be brought to the same winning screen but there is a bonus screen that it comes before winning screen and it has different number depend on the level that player wins, but If the player loses, the player will be brought to the same losing screen no matter which level players in.

Scene Shots

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