Space War: Battle of Mercury
Action | Hyper-Casual

Favorite Quote!

Favorite Quote!

“What is a man? A Miserable little pile of secrets!” 

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Space War: Battle of Mercury

Begin & The End.

Deadline is the best way to put difficulties and useless complexities behind. which I believe always lead to a better and simpler solution. we began to work on Space War in early Feb. and it was done by end of March. pretty soon right? yes!

We gathered an awesome team and worked overtime a lot of time which we discovered later that it was worth it 100 percent. Space War was played on more than 3000+ unique devices and was the first game that we monetized and got some of money out of it for our team.


Space War is a Hyper-casual game with one level and it will slowly get harder and harder through out the level as time goes by. Controllers are really easy to use and there is no learning process required to play the game. Therefore The intended audience of this game is primarily for both genders from the age range of 3 years old and above.

Escalation By Darren Curtis Music

Targeted Platforms
  • Web HTML5
  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • 2D Game
  • Arcade | Frantic Action
  • Single Player
  • English
  • Persian

* There is no aggressive, dirty, or inappropriate language in this game. 

Team Members | Sloppy Studio
  • Game Developer | SadeQ Soli
  • Game Designer | Haleh Mansoori
  • Market Researcher | Mehdi Chaloosi
  • Credit for Most Of the Arts | FreePik Website
  • Credit for Most Of the UI, UX | FreePik Website
  • Credit for Most Of Music | Darren Curtis Music
Core Gameplay Mechanics
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #1 – Camera
    • There will be a fixed camera . The camera does not move at all throughout the game. but we used a mesh box to
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #2 – Single Player
    • In this game, the player controls the Spaceship by using mouse movement or arrow keys. This game is meant for a single player playing experience.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – Movement
    • The player may choose to move the Spaceship within the game. if the player does not move the Spaceship, it will remain still and exposed to NPC(Enemy) for attack . To move Left or Right, the player has to either hit the Left-Arrow or Right-Arrow key, which moves the Spaceship Left or right and To move Up or Down, the player has to either hit the Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow key, which moves the Spaceship Up or Down.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Initial Setup
    • The Spaceship is going to spawn at starts at the bottom of screen and the NPCs is being spawn at starts at the top of screen. Depending on the difficulty level as you’ll see in the table in the stage difficulty section, the speed, health and fire rate of the Spaceship is different, the amount of objects are varies. Depending on the stage, child ships might be spawned as well.

  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #5 – Health
    • The Spaceship has a health bar which decreases when he hits stars, enemy ships, laser bullets. When the health bar reaches zero, the Spaceship will be destroy, and the game ends. In this game, health can be replenished.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #6 – Low / Critical Health
    • When the Spaceship’s health reach 20% and below, health bar icon will be a little brighter and player should find a health pack to buy more time. This signals to the player that the Spaceship is in low health to signify to the player that the health has reached a critical stage. The Spaceship will be destroy when its health reaches 0% and Win / Game over panel will be displayed.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #7 – Enemy Ships
    • Simple Block
    • Bomb Block
    • Jagged Block
    • Ice Block
    • Ball Duplicator Block

Core Gameplay Mechanic #8 – Scoring System

  • Scores
    • Scoring system will be on Destroying “Enemies”. and it will be counted as your record.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #9 –Status Trigger

  • Communication Triggers
    • When the player does something wrong, the game will communicate failure to the player by having a side character pop out from either one of the bottom two corners of the game screen. The side character will display visual and audio feedbacks to the player in terms of failure, either positive or negative ones depending on the state.
  • Win / Game Over Screen Statistics
    • When the player wins / loses a level, they will be brought to a Win / Game Over screen. If the player wins in any level, they will be brought to the same winning screen but there is a bonus screen that it comes before winning screen and it has different number depend on the level that player wins, but If the player loses, the player will be brought to the same losing screen no matter which level players in.

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