The Fly Hunter
Arcade | Hyper-Casual

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We began coding as a side project in early march 2020, and we love to see the game published As Soon As Possible, however I’m working full-time on Broca project at the moment and other guys are in the same situation with their projects, so it’s normal to things go a little slow which it’s hard for us but overall we are happy with the progress we made and probably will publish The game in early 2021.


The Fly Hunter is a Hyper-casual game with one level and it will slowly get harder and harder through out the level as time goes by. Controllers are really easy to use and there is no learning process required to play the game. Therefore The intended audience of this game is primarily for both genders from the age range of 3 years old and above.

Targeted Platforms
  • Android Platform
  • iOS Platform
  • Web HTML5
  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • 2D Game
  • Arcade | Action
  • Single Player
  • Powerups
  • Persian

* There is no aggressive, dirty, or inappropriate language in this game. 

Team Members | Sloppy Studio
  • Game Developer | SadeQ Soli
  • Game Developer | Ebrahim Gholami
  • Game Designer | Team Effort
  • Game Artist | Milad Rassam
  • UI/UX | Milad Rassam
  • Market Researcher | Mehdi Chaloosi
  • Credit for Most Of Music | Darren Curtis Music
Core Gameplay Mechanics
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #2 – Single Player
    • In this game, the player can tap on screen in smart phones or Left-Click in Windows/web and if it hits the fly can get score. This game is meant for a single player playing experience.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – Movement
    • So, There is varies type of insects in the game that will be spawned responsive to the time and inner levels. and it get faster and more randomize as go along.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Initial Setup
    • 1st thing you’ll see at the start is a type of food like pizza or cake at the center of the game and insects are being spawned toward the food and every thing is ready for player. Just protect the food!

  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #5 – Health
    • The Food has a health bar which decreases when insects are on the food and eating it. When the health bar reaches zero, the food will be disappear, and the game ends. In this game, health can NOT be replenished.
  • Core Gameplay Mechanic #6 – Low / Critical Health
    • When the Food’s health reach 20% and below, health bar icon will be a little smaller. This signals to the player that the food is in low health to signify to the player that the health has reached a critical stage. The food will be disappear when its health reaches 0% and Win / Game over panel will be displayed.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #7 – Insects

  • Bad Insects
    • Fly House
    • mosquito
    • Ant
    • Spider
    • Bug
    • Bee
  • Good Insects
    • Butter Fly
    • Dragon Fly
    • Lady Bug

Core Gameplay Mechanic #8 – Scoring System

  • Scores
    • Every Insects that player kill get 10 points which is gonna set the record.
  • Coins
    • Coins are rewarded by a new record. and can be received by setting new record and watching ads.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #9 –Status Trigger

  • Communication Triggers
    • When the player does something wrong, the game will communicate failure to the player by having a side character pop out from either one of the bottom two corners of the game screen. The side character will display visual and audio feedbacks to the player in terms of failure, either positive or negative ones depending on the state.
  • Win / Game Over Screen Statistics
    • When the player wins / loses a level, they will be brought to a Win / Game Over screen. If the player wins in any level, they will be brought to the same winning screen but there is a bonus screen that it comes before winning screen and it has different number depend on the level that player wins, but If the player loses, the player will be brought to the same losing screen no matter which level players in.

Scene Shots

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