The Last Spaceship
Action | Arcade

β€œThe right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”

Half-Life 2

The Last Spaceship

The Outline Story

This is the last space ship to come back to the earth but it encountered space debris during its mission. you should repair the Space ship with the help of robots just before other space garbage destroy the whole ship. Rescue injured astronauts who have a faith in you to go back to their home. Let’s mend it

Begin & The End.

This was my first time that I participated in a Game Jam and it was the GGJ(Global Game Jam) and this game was made in two days.

So, 1st thing you should know we had planned the most detailed game thanks to our game designer :))

2nd thing was we had 6 or 7 people on our team and we had only 3 people that working on project.

as I did promise my self to try to learn to work with different people before GGJ event begin, I tried to make it happen and be optimistic. game wasn’t nearly good enough but we all learn so many thing about working alongside each other and it’s part of my journey even though its not even an OK game. πŸ™‚


The intended audience of this game is primarily for both genders from the age range of 10 years old and above.

Targeted Platforms
  • Windows
  • 2D Game
  • Arcade | Action
  • Single Player
  • Fixed-Camera View
  • English

* There is no aggressive, dirty, or inappropriate language in this game. 

Team Members | GGJ 2020 Team
  • Game Developer | SadeQ Soli
  • Game Developer | Ebrahim Gholami
  • Game Artist | Reihaneh Alesheikh
  • Game Designer | Hosein Matini
Core Gameplay Mechanics

Core Gameplay Mechanic #0 – Theme

  • the theme for GGJ-2020 was repairing. So we decided that build a game that is about a spaceship that needs repairing to get back to earth.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #1 – Camera

  • There will be a fixed camera . The camera does not move at all throughout the game.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #2 – Single Player

  • In this game, the player controls robots that missioned to repair different parts of the ship. This game is meant for a single player playing experience.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – General Movement

  • The Robots are on the station and they travel between the station and the spaceship to repair the ship.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #3 – Initial Setup

  • We instantiate Station with six repairing robots and The Space ship with critical situation and player must try to guide the robots to the spaceship safely.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Scoring System

  • Scores
    • there is no scoring system in this game. the ultimate result is to repair the ship and send it to earth.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #4 – Scoring System

  • Scores
    • there is no scoring system in this game. the ultimate result is to repair the ship and send it to earth.

Core Gameplay Mechanic #6 –Status Trigger

  • Communication Triggers
    • When the player does something wrong, the game will communicate failure to the player by having a side character pop out from either one of the bottom two corners of the game screen. The side character will display visual and audio feedbacks to the player in terms of failure, either positive or negative ones depending on the state.
  • Win / Game Over Screen Statistics
    • When the player wins / loses , they will be brought to a Win / Game Over screen. If the player wins in any level, they will be brought to the same winning screen but there is a bonus screen that it comes before winning screen and it has different number depend on the level that player wins, but If the player loses, the player will be brought to the same losing screen no matter which level players in . The following is a list of statistics to be displayed on the screen in the Win / Game Over screen.

Scene Shots
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